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Software Used

The final product will require PHP and MySQL only on the web server where your site is hosted. Virtually all hosting providers offer that. The only requirement for the computer where the system will be used, is to have a web browser (IE, Firefox, Safari, etc).

Our management platform was developed from scratch by our development team and was tested in multiple environments: it is totally bug free.

In some cases we use additional products developed by our team to improve the quality of presentation and data capture; among such products,

  • HotDreamweaver FormValidator: Allows to install advanced validation protocols in forms before collecting any data from your site visitors; this makes sure your customers submit the exact kind of data you want (example, the right amount of digits in their telephone number). It helps save time and ensures data quality.
  • HotDreamweaver Form Captcha: This important security measure will make sure that you don't receive any spam emails; you will also avoid some kinds of automatic attacks by malicious software, which could affect your site's performance.
  • HotDreamweaver Form2Excel: An easy way collect information in a format that can be handled by popular office software;
  • TopDW Thumbnail Viewer: Advanced visual effects to make your site look different and memorable;
  • Hot Dreamweaver Gallery: Different types of image galleries can be used to display your listings.
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